Pho Thein

10014 NE Glisan


Decided to use coupon from the entertainment book 2010 and ventured to a little Vietnamese place called Pho Thein, which is on 100th and NE Glisan.  The restaurant is in a small manufactured home style building and not very pleasing to look at.  As we entered, I first noticed the dirty carpet and stale interior design.  We were sort of greeted by a girl who then handed us off to a man who seated and served us the for our meal.  We ordered salad rolls that were filled with too much lettuce and the lettuce was turning pink.  I must admit they were the worst ones I have had to date.  The peanut sauce was good and helped to make them edible.  Two of us ordered Pho and I ordered Jasmine rice with spicy chicken curry, lemon grass and peanuts.  The food arrived promptly and the phos looked good however my order looked plain and not so fresh.  The lettuce was again pink on the edges and the cucumbers were old.  The main dish tasted better than it looked, but again it did not taste so fresh and it was nothing to blog happily about…ha ha.   Prices were average.  $4 for salad rolls and my dish was $7.50.  So overall,  I would not recommend trying Pho Thein as there are many better places in PDX for Vietnamese food.  I give it a C-.

Taqueria Cha

Another evening to use an entertainment coupon! I was especially excited to use this because it was to a restaurant I have been to twice before and had a great experience both times.  My fiance and I started out and about rather late but to our delicious surprise we were in the clear regarding time and serving issues at Taqueria Cha.  This NW 21st spot located on the corner of Everett invited us with its warm, glowing lighting  and 70’s mod decor.  We arrived at around 9:15pm and had no problem or attitude being served this late.  Love it!  So, I took the advice of our server and ordered the Fish and Shrimp Tacos costing $14.00 and my fiance, Steve, ordered the Steak Tacos for $12.00  (Of course with our coupon this ended up being a buy one get one deal so we were very happy).  As a complimentary appetizer we were impressed with warm blue tortilla ships topped with white Mexican cheese and spicy avocado.  YUM!  For our beverages, we drank a very generous portion of mojito for just $7.50/ea.  They were delish with fresh mint and lime.   Dinner was quite pleasing.  The tacos were served on the most delicate tortillas I have ever tasted and both taco dishes were generously stuffed with the filling of choice.  The sauce was hot and complimented the dish very well.  We loved the atmosphere of 70’s style decor and candle lighting throughout the wall  of booze.   Service was friendly and food was served quickly.

Cons:  Fish tacos were slightly greasy

Pros: Everything else as well as an awesome outdoor dining area!

Grade: A-


So I discovered a video conversation site this week and it is already quite addicting. This site is interesting in the sense that it is very personable however I have found it semi-difficult to jump right into the conversations. This of course is on my part and I am trying to work on that. Already, I have seen this amazing Hank drum where this guy showed one he had made and is even selling them for over $300.00 each. Well this drum was made out of a propane tank and the sound is awesome. And so my “make-it-happen” boyfriend went right into action and today we almost finished making this sweet sounding drum. The tabs are for tuning and that alone will need practice on our part. The work was absolutely hard and it even took a little investing but I can see the results already and think there is great potential for these drums to be in even a small demand. I am anxious to improve our techniques and speed up our process. I will update on our progress and thanks to Christian on Seesmic for this inspiration.

The Weight of the World

April 29, 2008

If weight obsession is a mental illness than commit me. I am completely obsessed with my weight and being thin absolutely makes me happy. As sad as this may sound, it is the honest truth. I grew up being chubby and when I was a young teen I talked my mom into letting me order Fatburn pills off TV. They did work and when I was a senior in high school I was finally the skinny one. After all that, I continued to be consumed by how fat I was and how thin I wasn’t. After shadowing my mother in fad diets, I found a magic diet that I was sure never to let go of.  The sad lure of a drug not for the way it makes one feel but for the way it makes one look. As this was not a safe and lasting road to success there had to be a way to be thin and healthy. The sure way to making my life long goal of being thin was found in a life changing routing of including regular exercise. I hit the gym and do the elliptical 50 minutes at least 5 days a week. I drink lots of coffee and eat not too bad but not that great either. When I started this after my second son I weighed 165 pounds. After 8 months I had lost 45 pounds and at over 2 years now I am at 114. So I do know that this method works and follow this religiously. However, I must say I think this weight issue is on my mind too much and wonder if others are as consumed as I am even at a healthy weight. If I miss a day my mood turns bad and I have trouble eating because I just know I must be gaining weight. It does seem a little much and that part can’t be healthy can it?